Engraved plaques with my name on

The engraved plaques had my name on them

Awards night and my name was on engraved plaques

It was our gaming clubs awards night recently and I was surprised to find that one trophy had engraved plaques with my name on it. I did not expect to win anything but wanted to have a great night anyway. The night was a big as ever and its always a blast. We started to have a few beers early and by the time the awards pat came we were all pretty merry and right into the night.
The compare started to read out the categories and relevant winners and I was surprised and delighted when he called out my name. The win was the highlight of the night and capped the best year for me yet from a winning and night out point of view.

The trophy with the engraved plaques was just the start

Winning was the catalyst for a bender of epic proportions. We were in lively spirits anyway but when I picked up that trophy the boys went a bit nuts and we were on the shots before I got off the stage. Within an hour we had a table full of empties and we were on a mission. We got the last round before going onto phase two of our massive night out. A couple of sambuca’s for the road and it was off to the city centre to get into the club and carry on.
Joe had mentioned a big DJ was playing in town and we all agreed it would be a good night so it was set and all that was left was the short wait for a couple of cabs and a ten minute cab ride. We arrived in town and piled into a pub we often go to it was still pretty early and so we have a little time before we were going to head into the club for the night. Someone had the bright idea for some Jeager bombs and by then we knew it was going to get very messy indeed.

Landlord took my engraved plaques laden trophy

The landlord agreed to keep my trophy for safe keeping when we left for the club it was just around the corner and soon we were in and the place was rocking. We grabbed some more drinks and took in the atmosphere and it is worth noting that George bailed on us as he just could not take the place (nighty night George!).
The club was amazing and we had a proper laugh by the time we got out it was light and I could not believe we had stayed the full night given the heavy early pace we had set. We all dispersed and went off to recover and I did not surface from my slumber until late afternoon. I am pleased to say the handover was as epic as the night and I felt terrible even after my mum had brought over a sunday dinner for me.
I have now got to go back to the pub to pick up my trophy with engraved plaques to show off to friends and family. http://www.stonesign.com

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